“If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a prototype is worth 1,000 meetings.” 

We use realistic prototypes to facilitate conversations to learn from the market as early as possible. This design approach informs business decisions, speeds up product development, and delivers beautiful customer experiences.

Our approach

Our approach is most effective for new digital products - in planning stages or R&D activities. The following design methods also support agile, UX/CX, and product feature releases.

  1. Test market hypotheses and learn from realistic prototypes
  2. Support design & development sprints through collaboration
  3. Set up analytics goals to measure outcomes
  4. In all things, inform business decisions

Who we serve

We serve business leaders who are after speed-to-learning - what start-ups need and large organizations want. Prototype Learn also helps a variety of teams (product, design, or experience) to synthesize outside perspectives and measure outcomes.

AMC Theatres
Entertainment - Leawood, Kansas
Digital product and agile team support

Axon Displays
Digital Media - Newton, Kansas
Strategy and measurement consulting

Digital Experience Agency - Overland Park, Kansas
Experience design team support

Financial Services - Washington, DC
Market hypothesis testing

Laminin Health
Healthcare Services - Chicago, Illinois
Experience prototypes and business consulting

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